Attention Life Coaches Sydney: Take Advantage Of the Lockdown – Read These 5 Tips

life coaches sydney

Are you one of the life coaches Sydney?

Interested to know how you can take advantage of the lockdown situation to get more clients?

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But before anything, let us discuss first your work as a life coach.

Ever since the pandemic started, a lot of changes happened in the community. Things have changed drastically from the way we work, learn and interact. 

Covid-19 restrictions including social distancing guidelines lead individuals to a more virtual existence, personally and professionally.

These changes have changed the way people in the community approach their health in both positive and negative ways.

That’s why there are mental health issues triggered by this pandemic such as:

  • Loneliness or isolation
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Anxiety

It’s overwhelming how the conflicting flow of information changes constantly these days, coming from the news and new policies imposed around with regards to the virus and the pandemic.

From changes in lifestyle to better eating habits, people are using this time to get healthier in many areas.

The internet can be a wondrous place for exploring and discovering new ways to deal with life. 

As we know it, people nowadays prefer to have easy consultations and transactions without the additional hassle of going out. 

Pandemic is also the time that many people feel the need to seek life coaches to help cope up with issues going on and succeed with their goals.

life coaches sydney

Make use of this time to connect with people in need and make your profile as a life coach visible online so your clients can reach out to you easily. 

Give your clients a break from reality by having coaching sessions with you online. Help, direct and guide your clients’ needs for the next step in their journey.

As a life coach, be the role model to them by seeing new hope and embracing changes of this normal.

Many life coaches nowadays provide online coaching for individuals who are unable to meet them face-to-face. 

Some clients have found online coaching sessions easier and more convenient for them. 

To reach clients who need your coaching services, it is time to get bookings online.

How are you able to promote your life coaching business?

Because of pandemic restrictions, people are unable to go out and reach your office. 

Let us give you some tips to go on with your coaching business and get more sales going through.

5 tips to market your coaching services despite lockdown

Show Your Social Side

Social media can be a great method to attract new clients. How you prefer to unite with your audience through a crisis can say a lot about your life coaching business. 

To further promote your life coaching business, offer webinars and classes with referral benefits. When clients show up, ask them to bring a friend to the next classes and they’ll get referral giveaways.

AE Wide Solutions is a social media marketing agency in Sydney that work alongside you as a business partner to drive success and growth to your social media campaigns.

Engage With Your Clients

Beat your client’s expectations; stay open for online transactions 24/7 and give your clients the capability to schedule a session with you right from your website or Facebook.

Optimize Your Time 

Take charge of all your administration and marketing needs with digital marketing services from scheduling bookings and taking payments to find new leads and engaging with your existing clients.

AE Wide Solutions is fast & affordable marketing service agency in Sydney. They offer branding, SEO & PPC, social media campaigns, website design & development, and many more to help you manage your coaching business online.

Display Your Services In Graphics

Having a graphic to show your services in one can be helpful in giving you leads ideas about what you can offer them in one glance. Our graphic design team is skilled and highly-trained Sydney graphic designers and web developers to help you build and promote your business virtually.

Speaking of the web service we have, do you know that having your own website is a big plus for your clients? 

Do you know why?

Provide Your Website Address

A website address can be your business address online. This will be the link to your coaching business profile. Having your own website gives your business credibility and assurance to your clients that you’re always there for them.

With a website, your business is online 24/7, so your clients can go check out your profile and set appointments at their most convenient time. That’s why it’s a big plus for your business.

A well-designed and responsive website is paramount to the success of your brand’s digital presence. Gladly we have AE Wide Solutions, a web design and development company in Sydney.

If you would like to have your website worked with a team of professionals, AE Wide Solutions can be of help.

Grow your coaching business Online 

Let your business stand out and allow AE Wide Solutions to help you have the best experience for your online coaching business.

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