How 1024+ Owners in the Food Industry Achieve Skyrocketed Sales During lockdowns With These Insider Secrets

food industry sales during lockdown

Knowing how lockdown gets constantly extended, this crisis has brought the whole world down for more than a year. 

Other businesses go unsuccessful. 

Are you curious about how other 1024+ business owners in the food industry recover despite the lockdown situation?

Keep reading to find out how.

During the lockdown, there were lots of restrictions implemented by the government for the safety of everybody. Therefore, it is too risky for people to go out, making it difficult to market products the usual way, which puts sales down even for businesses that belong to the essential category.

Moreover, the global pandemic has made every transaction difficult, especially when buying groceries and basic needs. While it’s not allowed to operate the usual way, sales keep dropping down, and some food chain industries are left with no choice but to close down and wait till things get better. 

These changes in the new normal have brought the whole world down to its knees by affecting many businesses down, so hard that leading them to stop operation.

Has the pandemic placed this kind of stress on your food chain business?

food delivery mobile app

Now, consumers are getting their food from manually going into physical stores to setting for deliveries, getting to know how other local restaurants and the foodservice industry responding positively. 

The food industry has been heavily affected by the containment measures imposed by the governments. Amazingly, there are still 1024+ restaurants that continue to operate. 

Do you know why?

Restaurant owners have been quick to apply changes to their business to offer more flexible, pandemic-friendly dining options for their customers. 

If they can do it, you can too.

Coming with the new normal is the surge in takeaways and delivery service options. If you would ask, almost all the successful fast-food chains businesses were already applying this, even higher-end restaurants do. 

Some food service operators have responded with contactless pick-up options where customers will be contactless with the staff. Applying this will have a significant benefit for you and your customer. So, your customer will get orders regularly without hassle.

See what foodservice operators should consider when operating their business in conjunction with the ‘new normal.

Here are the key factors that any food service business should consider:

Consult first with your local health department 

To keep your business running smoothly, you should consult regarding the protocols and guidance on what measures are required to do based on recommendations from your local health department.

Set up clear protocols for your establishment

Communicate clear protocols to your business partners, suppliers, employees and customers, so you’re all on one page in keeping your business going.

Prohibit entrance of person with Covid-19 symptoms

Co-workers with symptoms of Covid-19 should not be allowed to enter the business establishment.

Wash hands for at least 20 seconds 

Employees assigned to handle foods must be required to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds, wear masks and or a hairnet, and wear gloves as recommended.

Social distancing

Employees should stay 1 to 2 meters away from each other. Consider also the distance from employees, delivery partners and customers.

Disinfection of area

Touchpoints such as payment stations, doors, handles should be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

If your restaurant offers delivery services, consider the following:

  • Train delivery staff to adhere to public health advice regarding the collection and delivery of orders.
  • The government suggests having clean clothing, necessary protective equipment such as masks and gloves before and after every transaction.
  • Delivery vehicles should be disinfected regularly, kept clean, in good condition and free from any sources of contamination.
  • Contactless delivery options should be provided where food can be left at the front door or on the porch.
  • Restaurants should also Control the Food packaging suitable for different food types.

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