What if your clothing business could Survive during Lockdown and achieve an Increase in Sales Without Spending too much?

clothing business during lockdown

Are you at a point in life where you are thinking of quitting your clothing business?

Don’t lose hope.

Remember those times when you were so excited about opening your business, why you want it, how it can help you in your life goals and how your heart is in it. 

Never let the lockdown situation stop you from reaching your dreams.

There may be a slight change of plans in the process, but in the end, it will always be your choice of actions that matter.

As NSW is in a kind of lockdown situation due to Covid-19, it is not always possible to go out to do window-shopping, local restaurant bars or cafés hangouts, and even visit local stores in person.

Knowing your clothing store needs to be shut down due to health and safety concerns is not the end of your journey.

Do you know that you can still keep transacting with your customers even during the lockdown?

clothing business

This current event has forced the community to go online to keep in touch, stay entertained, and shop safely. 

How will you recover your business sales from this?

At the moment, you can make use of this customer purchasing behaviour to recover from your clothing business downtime.

Take advantage of the trend to attract more customers. 

Tend to your customer demands by being present online. When you turn your business online, it will be easy to market your business products, from clothing, winter and accessories. 

Not only that, as increasing numbers of customers make purchases online in just a matter of time, if you are new to the business, it would be easy to get their attention. 


By giving them a taste of what you can offer.

For example: provide vouchers and gift cards as promotions that they can enjoy online, so they will keep transacting to your online store and keep getting another.

Promotions provide an easy way to keep cash moving.  It does not only benefit your customers, but it also gives your online store popularity by being shared based on its credibility. 

Customers can swipe through their mobile phones and get to your store quickly by providing them with an online platform that covers what they need. 

You may put your physical store close in the meantime, but without spending too much, you can keep your online store always open. 

Yes, you have read it right. Always open. 


When you have an online store, transactions can be possible 24/7. So your customers can check out your products any time of the day, anywhere within or outside NSW. 

Are you wondering how your clothing business can turn online?

Some online clothes sellers go with a simple online presence on a Facebook business page. However, you can not have total control over those platforms. You’ll likely be limited in terms of what you can do there. 

Plus, most e-commerce marketplace can take a cut of your sales.

The transition from traditional street-side business offering products and services in physical stores, to being an online store that can cater to customers orders and purchases can be quick and easy.

You don’t need to be a digital whiz to manage your online store. In AE Wide Solutions, mobile app developers and website developers work their best to make your online platform user interface simple and easy to manage.

If you’re into websites, before these developers establish it, you need to choose a domain that’s available to represent your clothing business.

How to choose a domain name?

1. Keep it short.

Make sure people can remember your domain name easily.

2. Make it easy to be typed.

Avoid complicated words with unusual spellings and hyphens so your customer will not be redirected to other sites while searching for you.

3. Target your area.

Make it more appealing to your local customers by using city or state in your domain name.

4. Pick the right website extension.

It comes after the ‘’dot’’ that fits your business. It could be an industry or geo-specific domain name ending.

Ready to be an online clothes seller?

After when you have picked an available domain, AE Wide Solutions do the other works for you to establish your online clothing store through the different services they offer:

Website and App Development from start to finish

As mentioned above, their team of mobile app and website developers work their best to make your online platform user interface simple and easy to manage.

SEO Services

Get your website found online with no hassle. Our SEO Services in Sydney can boost your online presence by making your website valuable content.

It helps your customers and gets quick results relevant to what they are searching for over the internet. Therefore, establishing your business expertise by making your business name at the top of their heads when thinking about services you can offer. Thus, driving traffic to your website.

And a lot more!

In AE Wide Solutions, we can help you get an e-commerce website and mobile app that’s effective to achieve an increase in sales without you spending too much.

Let us help your clothing business meet the demands of the new normal.

Let AE Wide Solutions help you build either Mobile App, e-commerce website or can be both. Work with our e-commerce website design Sydney to ensure the foundation of your online clothing store with the best technology available in the market. 

Save your business from this pandemic!

Book a call with us today or call 0420 908 063 for a hassle-free quote to review your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities!