Don’t Waste Time! 5 Things Every Fitness Gyms Owners Need to Increase Enrollees during Lockdown

5 Things Every Fitness Gyms Owners Need to Increase Enrollees during Lockdown

In this unprecedented time of our lives in NSW, it isn’t always possible for people to go to fitness gyms.

Because of this, gym customers lose track of where to go and how to continue their workout sessions as their normal studio location went offline.

Being unable to do things regularly is just some of the struggles faced by the community.

It’s kind of hard dealing with the lockdown situation.

But how hard could it be if you own a fitness gym business and can’t operate?

Gymnasiums may have just started reopening not too long ago, but because of the extended and increased severity of lockdown, fitness gyms were once again forced to be closed down until further notice.

This brings so much downfall to fitness gyms and other fitness businesses that are relying only on walk-in customers and members’ subscriptions inside physical gym studios on daily operations.

Lots of business owners faced struggles in keeping up their sales target. The coronavirus has impacted every facet of our economy, and the fitness and wellness industry is no exception.

As a fitness gym owner, it does feel bad not getting enough sales to support the business.

Imagine how difficult it would be to face multiple requests, not for new membership registration or renewal purposes, but membership cancellation. Losing subscriptions from customers also mean losing income for the next month or so.

If this continues, how will fitness gyms survive?

The Lockdown may have hindered your physical gymnasium studio from opening, but you can still do something about it.

Don’t wait till bankruptcy gets to you and turn to be the very reason to fully stop operating.

Interested to know what you can still do to help with your fitness gym needs?

To help your fitness gym business survive the pandemic, you need to keep up with the new normal.

As people prefer to stay home, in this new normal you may pause operation in your physical studio, but continue operating online having customers join fitness classes you offer from the convenience of their own home. 

Offer online trainers to help them stay on track with their fitness classes. You can also provide online monitoring to help your customers see their progress in achieving their goals. Provided it’s not allowed to go outside, this kind of option is attractive to your customers.

By this, you don’t only maintain your member’s subscription for the long term, but you can also encourage new enrollees to join.

How can you reach out to your customers and promote your at-home fitness offers?

5 digital marketing strategies to save your fitness gym business:

Content Marketing

What is content marketing?

It is a strategic marketing approach used by a lot of businesses nowadays to attract potential customers by sharing topics suitable to the target audiences through articles, videos, podcasts and other media. 

In this way, you can be able to provide useful gym tips during the lockdown and share valuable insights to your audiences, at the same promoting your gymnasium business and establishing your expertise in the fitness industry. Thus, keeping your name on the top of mind when it comes to thinking about a gym to enrol in.

Website Development

Get your incredible business website to help your fitness gym be seen and marketed online. Having a website can build you a strong, online presence, it does not only increase your revenue but also gives your business credibility.

Social Media Management

Why is social media so important for your business? Social media platforms help you reach out to your customers, promote awareness to your fitness gym online class awareness, showcase what else you offer to help convert leads into potential customers. Optimising your social media accounts have become the latest trend today.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

If you also want to get your online fitness gym business advertised and win in Google search results, you can also get this service done to promote your business faster.

Mobile App

Online fitness classes can be made possible through your fitness gym app that your customers can easily install and enroll easily. Get a team of professional mobile app developers to work this for you and create features that are user-friendly and can be loved by your customer, creating a great customer experience that keeps them coming back.

Do you know that AE Wide Solutions offers all of the above-mentioned digital marketing services and strategies, from content marketing down to mobile app development to save your fitness gym at this time of pandemic?

What are you waiting for?

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